Seraphim are angels who are around the throne of God YAHWEH, they serve around the throne of God, they cry out day and night to praise the name of God. The appearance of the Seraphim angels themselves has 6 wings, in Jewish tradition they are described as having a human appearance only with 6 wings covering their entire body up to their face, and they have a different shape from the Cherubim.

Isaiah 6:2-3 (WEB) Above him stood the seraphim. Each one had six wings. With two he covered his face. With two he covered his feet. With two he flew. One called to another, and said, “Holy, holy, holy, is YAHWEH of Armies! The whole earth is full of his glory!” 

Seraphim are a type of angel seen by the prophet Isaiah when he received a vision and revelation from God.

Isaiah 6:6-7 (WEB) Then one of the seraphim flew to me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar. He touched my mouth with it, and said, “Behold, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away, and your sin forgiven.” 

Seraphim are one of the types of angels that YAHWEH God often sends to humans, in the Old Testament, they came to the vision of the prophet Isaiah. The Bible does not specifically state what the true form of a seraph angel looks like, only that it is described as having 6 wings that cover its entire body.

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