Children of God is a heretical and dangerous sect founded by David Brandt Berg in 1969 in Huntington Beach, California, United States. David Brandt Berg first spread his teachings in his own coffee shop to the visitors who came. David Brandt Berg attracts his visitors, especially men, by saying that God’s love is identical to sexual intercourse. He has gained many followers because of this teaching, especially among perverted men, drunkards, men who like to play with prostitutes and prostitutes. gambling man.

Children of God adherents are identified with Hippie clothing and the majority of its members are Hippies. The Children of God sect is known as the Family of Love and The Family International. This sect was categorized as the most dangerous sect in the United States and caused controversy in the 1970s and 1980s, not only in the United States but also in Europe. This sect was strictly banned in 1987 because its adherents sexually abused underage children.

David Brandt Berg calls himself a prophet sent by God to spread the teachings of sex called the Family of Love. What are the teachings adhered to by this sect? Here are the details :

1. This heretical sect teaches that the true God is a sexy God, they equate the truth of salvation on the cross with sexual intercourse.

2. This heretical sect does not accept the teachings of the Trinity, because according to them this term is not found in the Bible.

3. According to this heretical sect, salvation is the truth from the curse of clothing and the shame of being naked, so people who have been saved should no longer be ashamed of being naked and unclothed.

4. This heretical teaching teaches to give vent to sexual lust to achieve total surrender of the spirit to God.

5. This heretical sect teaches sexual relations with biological children, siblings, husbands and wives of fellow sect members, parents and children, uncles, aunts and nephews and even underage teenagers.

6. This sect teaches a free sexual life between members and even allows its members to have sexual relations with outsiders.

7. Every member is obliged to have sexual intercourse during worship meetings without objection, because the condition for obtaining salvation and entering heaven according to this heretical and cursed sect is to have frequent sexual intercourse.

8. People who refuse to have sexual relations will be ostracized from this stress group because they are considered heretical.

9. This heretical sect teaches that David Brandt Berg is a prophet and his words are truth and holy.

10. This heretical sect teaches that all the writings written by David Brandt Berg and his wife Karen Zerby are absolute truth because they were inspired by God.

11. This heretical sect teaches that sexual intercourse and nudity are a sign of total submission to God.

12. This heretical sect teaches that every member who does not want their husband and wife to share sexual relations with members of another sect is considered selfish and does not have God’s love.

13. This stress sect teaches that sexuality is God’s creation and a human need that must be channeled because it is an emotional and physical need and something natural.

14. This heretical sect teaches that fellow members allow their husband and wife to have sexual relations with other members for the sake of the other member’s biological needs, this is called a holy sacrificial relationship and that is proof of love.

15. This false teaching teaches that loving JESUS ​​Christ is the theology of the bride and groom and it is described by sexual intercourse.

Of course, the teachings of this heretical sect are very disturbing to society and have received a wave of strong rejection in many countries. In addition, the rampant sexual abuse of underage children since 1970-1994 by adherents of this sect, made the police act decisively against this group, meetings of this sect were often raided by the police, and they always moved from place to place to not caught by the police.

This sect is now led by Karen Zerby, the wife of David Brandt Berg after David’s death in 1994. This sect is now closed and no longer shows itself to the public because they are under supervision from the police.

Galatians 1:8-9 (IMB) However, if we or an angel from heaven preach a different gospel from the gospel we preached to you, let him be accursed! As we have said before, and now I say again, if anyone preaches to you a different gospel from the one you have received, let him be accursed!

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